Cornelius Vanderbilt Capital Management

About Us

Cornelius Vanderbilt originates through our professionally trained loan officers, processes, underwrites, funds and services all the loans we close. In fact, we are one of the only global lenders to do so. This allows us to stick to our model of being fast, efficient and flexible, which means more loans closed and funded to clients! In turn, you benefit with amazingly large origination fees on transactions. Unlike banks we do not have regulatory imposed lending limits per client, that means we can structure larger loans. We have no theoretical lending limits as each loan is based on the merits and underwriting of the collateral pledged. That stated, most higher loans are in the hundreds of millions typically. Standard loans requests are $2 million to $500 million, with the absolute minimum loan we do is only $2,000,000 USD.

Who We Want

We are seeking an individual with any of the prior or similar successful sales experience working with HNW clients, C Level management of public companies, HNW banking, wealth management, investment groups, investors, angel investors, HNW sales, securities industry experience, brokerage firms, investment bankers, commercial loan brokering, debt/equity structuring, M&A experience, jumbo mortgage brokers, private bankers, trust companies, market makers, offshore firms, luxury realty sales, high ticket sales, HNW accounting firms, Immigrating specialty firms, hedge fund sales or operations, private equity as well as any other finance niche lending experience all do well with us and fit our experience criteria.

What Makes Us Different

Unique solutions and almost no competition firstly, makes this a powerful and lucrative sales position for you. We are able to be more competitive than institutional banks in the majority of cases and across multiple aspects of a transaction. 200+ years of experience with honesty and integrity delivering Leveraged Equity Loans to HNW clients across the world. Never any upfront fees, low borrowing costs and high value service/product, fast execution of closings all of which our clients need and want, which they cannot get with the institutional banks! Virtually sells itself because money is the best business in the world!

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